Housing: six rental contracts come into effect in Brussels

Moving to Brussels or looking for a new flat can be a big deal. While you technically need to find a place, what becomes problematic is signing the contract, especially if you’re not informed correctly about the local laws. All the countries in the world have different provisions when it comes to lease contracts, and this is why it is worth getting an overall picture of the main points here.


We have good news. The Union of Tenants provides you with the different types of models of lease contracts.

In order to make the provisions a bit clearer to everyone and to avoid unexpected and awful situations, the Union of Tenants has made public the six models of contracts you might be subject to if you live in Brussels. Those sorts of model contracts are in line with the revision of the provisions on leasing which entered into force at the beginning of the year.

Slight changes have affected the students, the flat-shares, as well as the provisions with regard to discrimination. If you are a student, if you live with room-mates or if you aim to find a new main residence, the contracts will be different.

It is then worth having a look at them, before being trapped or being committed to comply with rules you don’t necessarily have to comply with.