How compatible are you with Brussels?

Every person has a unique personality. And when we interact and work with people, we try to figure out what they’re really like to know how we can get along with them.

It’s the same with every place we encounter. Each town, city, or country has a character and face of its own which may or may not suit our taste or personality. For expatriates, it helps to study the profile of the place in which they live to see how they can survive in that foreign environment.

So you’re an expat living in Brussels. Let’s see how compatible you are with the renowned capital of Europe. You already know your own profile (hopefully). Now here is the profile of Brussels if this city were a person.

Gender: Female

At first glance, Brussels looks like a guy. Always cool, generally calm, and not given to emotion or drama. But the more you explore the city, the more you discover her feminine qualities.

Brussels exhibits very strong maternal instincts. You see her nurturing qualities in the way she welcomes and accommodates people from all walks of life. The city is like a mini globe. You see and meet people of different nationalities and backgrounds all in one place.

And then there are the gardens, parks, and woods running through and around the metropolis. Brussels is one of the most green capitals of Europe. She lives in harmony with Mother Nature and shares her ability and willingness to foster diversity.

Like a woman, Brussels also likes to keep things clean and tidy. She has her own sense of cleanliness and order at least compared to other European cities and we will not name names for the sake of peace.

Lastly, Brussels may not be visibly emotional like a woman but she demonstrates occasional mood swings by way of her temperamental weather. Notice how it rains in the city for five minutes and then the sun suddenly appears? And before you can make up your mind whether or not to go for a walk, it starts to rain again? Undeniable signs of moodiness. Yup, Brussels is definitely a lady.

Personality Type: B

The Type B personality is relaxed and easy-going in contrast to the aggressive, ambitious, outgoing, and competitive Type A personality. Like a Type B, Brussels is not a loud, flashy, or highly charged city. Her overall vibes can range from relatively laid-back to totally ho-hum. But she knows how to have fun in her own way. She regularly enjoys social events like music and film festivals, concerts, art exhibits, and food fairs.

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Of all the zodiac signs, the Libra is known to be the champion at diplomacy. People born under this sign can get along with different personalities and survive all sorts of situations. And that’s Brussels. Why do you think international institutions like the EU and the NATO thrive in this city. And lest we forget, Brussels belongs to a country which holds the world record for surviving the longest period without an official government. The Belgians pulled that off without falling apart. Diplomacy at its very best.

Temperament: Phlegmatic

In psychology, there are four fundamental personality types based on four kinds of temperaments. One, the choleric type which is highly driven, forceful, gregarious, and quick-tempered. Nope, that doesn’t sound like Brussels. Two, the melancholic which is sensitive and emotional, serious and philosophical. Hmm, still not quite Brussels. Three, the sanguine which is energetic, spontaneous, and always cheerful. Not Brussels. And four, the phlegmatic type which is low-key, slow-paced, and stubborn. Definitely Brussels.

Introversion/Extraversion: Ambivert

Introverts are perceived as more reserved and modest while extraverts are more sociable and talkative. Brussels is somewhere in the middle. She has her quiet parts like the royal district of Laeken or the mystic Sonian Forest. But she also has a liveliness found in areas like the city center or Place Flagey. Whether you’re an introvert or an extravert, you will always find a place in this city. It’s true, Brussels is not as hip and popular when it comes to tourist attractions and landmarks. Compared to other glittering European capitals, all she basically has to offer are the Atomium, the Grand Place, and the statue of a boy whose bladder is more active than the city itself. But she never runs out of colourful and exciting activities. There is always something happening in Brussels if you only care to find out. And nowhere else will you find the best beer.

How about you? How would you profile Brussels? And most importantly, how compatible are you with this city you call home?

Brussels Infographic