In 2018 house prices in Brussels increased on average 5%

The average price of a house in Belgium increased 4.7% and reached 251,584 Euros, according to the barometer of notaries released on Tuesday. Given inflation, this is the first real price increase in five years.

In the Brussels-Capital Region, the increase is a little over 5% and for the first time the average price exceeds 450,000 euros.

In Flanders, the average price is 277,304 euros (+ 3.8% compared to 2017), against 189,257 euros in Wallonia (+ 3.7%), almost 90,000 euros less than in the north of the country.



“Demand remains high in all regions. Essentially young people under 35 seize the opportunity to buy a house and take out a mortgage with an attractive interest rate,” said a spokesperson representing the notaries.

The price varies considerably from one province to another. The lowest price, 153.890 euros, is found in Hainaut, and the highest price, 452.721 euros, in the Brussels region.