Ixelles awarded by the Council of Europe

The commune of Ixelles received the Plaquette d’honneur of the Europe Prize. Our commune stands as being one of the most engaged in promoting the European ideal.

Each year, the Council of Europe rewards the municipalities that are most engaged in promoting the European ideal. It is with honour and pride that the Ixelles commune receives this distinction, which reflects the numerous actions taken by the Ixelles Commune for European Affairs.

The official ceremony took place last December 5th at the House of European History with the presence of Belgian and European personalities. This ceremony was preceded by a guided tour around the House of European History by those who wished to do so.

Publié par Bertrand Wert sur mercredi 6 décembre 2017


The commune is located in the heart of Europe and a third of its residents are non-Belgian Europeans. We always try our best to build bridges between our citizens and the institutions. We doubled our efforts to activate the European «dynamic», closer to our citizens, namely through a Consultative Council for European Affairs and by promoting activities which make people aware that Europe is present on a daily basis.

« The 28 on your plate », an event organised together with multiple embassies and institutions, is a good example of our achievements. The communes, cities and regions are the ones who can bridge the gap between the European Institutions and its citizens.  Their role is crucial.

Let’s talk about Ixelles!

Ixelles has always been European. It houses some of the European institutions and more than a third of its citizens are non-Belgian Europeans. More than 80.000 people living in Ixelles today. Amongst them 31.350 are Europeans:

  • 11.067 French
  • 4153 Italians
  • 2516 Spanish
  • 1929 Portuguese
  • 1781 Germans
  • 1577 Poles

The commune is home to more than 175 different nationalities and the newcomers are mostly Europeans. The local authorities are, by their mere role, close to the citizens.

Europe is built by and for its citizens! And this award motivates us even more to pursue our goals!