Just Married – Stories of Child Marriage in Syrian Refugee Camps

What do you think of when you hear the phrase ‘Just Married’? For me, its spontaneous declarations of love brought on by that head-over-heels love at first sight feeling when you meet someone. Maybe it’s my inner romantic, or maybe its years upon years of Disney and chick flicks where the girl always lives happily ever after, who knows?

However, for many girls living in Lebanon as refugees, the reality of marriage is drastically different. As opposed to me, where perhaps my future husband will ask my father for my hand in marriage out of courtesy, ultimately the decision as to whom and when I marry will be mine. Many Syrian refugee girls do not have this choice. Forced into marriage at a young age, some even as young as thirteen, they are pulled out of their childhood and thrusted into the world of a mother and a wife.

You may have read the story of Yosser, who was married at the age of 12 and the story of Lamis, a 17 year old who is referred to as the divorced lady. Now we have released a comic called ‘Just Married’ to tell the stories that we hear far too often from our work on the ground in Lebanon.



COMIC – Created by Felix Brassier.

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