Launch of beBeer: a free online platform for all the beer lovers

“Bibere, from the Latin verb ‘bibere’ means ‘to drink’. It is no coincidence that our name, ‘beBeer’, is similar to this word; ‘be’ allows each beer lover to identify with the beverage that has been around for over 2,000 years. Today, local and craft beers are present across Europe and the popularity of this traditional drink is growing in the 600 European regions,” stated beBeer on its website.

beBeer is a powerful digital platform that brings together the local and regional brewers’ and the beer lovers’ community from 600 European regions, as well as everything around the beer world. This digital tool has been developed to offer a new experience of local and regional beers in Europe.

What does beBeer do and how does it work?

The goal of the platform is to present and highlight beers, breweries and beer promoters located in the heart of European regions. All of that the beer lovers will be able to browse, taste, evaluate, and share their knowledge on. They will discover new beer experiences thanks to the beBeer community.



Each member can add a beer or comment on other beers. It is an interactive platform, on which you can stay in touch with fellow beer lovers. It is available in 6 languages ​​and an easy-to-follow chart makes it possible to see the activity of other beBeer members.

As a non-commercial platform, beBeer is and wants to stay independent, so that the passion and taste curiosity of beBeer lovers’ remain the sole drivers of the platform.

beBeer, certainly the best community of local and regional beer lovers in Europe and beyond. You can check it out here