Les Jeunes Socialistes are in favour of a Republic in Belgium

Yesterday, the tv show “A votre avis” focused the episode on the King of Belgium and on its role in the political administration of the country. The show hosted a debate between Marco Van Hees, federal deputy of the PTB and the republican François Desquesnes, senator of the CDH. The first guest focused straight away on the fact that it is fundamental to reduce the salary of the royal family. The monarchy is not just seen as privileged, but also as an unfair and uneven member of society, that earns constantly and substantially more than other people, who may need more economic support and attentions, such as retired people. Marco Van Hees noted that, indeed, the Belgian royal family is not the one with the highest salaries around Europe, but he also added that it is vital to find a proper equilibrium between the parts, giving the right support to the population and better calculating the royal salary, in relation to the work and commitment applied.

marie meunier

Marie Meunier, the vice-president of Les Jeunes Socialistes, was present at the talk and affirmed that the members of her party would be happy to support a Belgian Repubic, rather than a monarchy. She affirmed that the party fights against all those privileges acquired through inheritance or blood and that she sees the monarchy as a system connected to nationalisms. Meunier also added that the party is not currently looking to “play the game of certain parties” and that it would be happy to support the Republic if that was established through a reform. She finished saying that, if the Republic was considered a valid option, it would represent a great solution for Belgium.