Maison Antoine at Place Jourdan wins the award: Most popular fries in town

Maison Antoine has been elected best Belgian fries shop in Brussels.

What are your favourite Belgian fries in Brussels? Although you might mention your local Belgian fries shop, it seems the Brusselians have no doubt about their favourite place: Maison Antoine has smashed the competition this year.

Every year, BX1 and Vivacité Bruxelles hold the ‘Fritomètre’. This poll aims to ask Brusselians what their favourite Belgian fries shop is. It can seem quite nothing, but please keep in mind that you live in Belgium, where the fries are definitely an emblematic dish.

More than 30,000 people have taken part in this survey this year, which was held between 30 November and 13 December.

And it was serious stuff. 41% of the voters voted in favour of Maison Antoine, while Chez Jef, which was champion in 2016 and 2017, only got 29% of the votes. For your information, Frit’ Flagey, which is a very popular place both for tourists and Ixellians, ranked 3rd with 13% of the votes.


Frit Flagey Fries


Maison Antoine got the title back, as it won the competition in 2014 (Frit’ Flagey won it in 2015).

What is the reason why this score is so impressive? The works which have taken place in Jourdan over the last months may explain this ranking. The shop is now bigger, with three sale points, and the square will be nicer and nicer in the upcoming months.

It is also worth having fries there, as you can sit down in one of the bars around to have a beer with your fries.