Majority of Belgians against renewal of Michel government

A majority of Belgians agree against a renewal of the current government. Le Soir-RTL-TVI-Ipsos-Het and Laatste Nieuws-VTM’s pool of 2,532 respondents gathered from May to June, form representative samples of Belgians aged 18 and over and take 1,000 samples from Wallonia, 1,000 from Flanders and 532 in the 19 municipalities of the Brussels-Capital Region. The results show 64% are not in favour of re-electing the current government at the national level.

There are, however, regional disparities. The Walloons are the least inclined with 77% against. In Brussels, against weights in at 66%. But the surprise is that in Flanders, the popularity of Charles Michel and the federal government is higher than in other regions since the formation of the government; Although, a majority of the Flemish (57%) do not want a renewal. Voters of the MR appear to be the most enthusiastic to a Michel renewal (75%), then voters of the N-VA (71%) and those of the VLD (71%). The least in favour are PTB (2%), PS (10%), Ecolo (10%) and Challenge (10%).

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The maximum margin of error for a percentage of 50% and a 95% confidence rate is + -3.1 in Wallonia and Flanders and +4.3 in Brussels.