Manneken-Pis to be dressed up in costume designed by

Manneken-Pis, the symbol of Brussels folklore, gets a costume for all major events. On 11 October 2018, from 11 am till noon, Manneken-Pis will wear his costume to support the campaign against sexual violence against women.

In June 1985, Harlem Désir and many personalities, including famous artists, launched the slogan and the logo “Do not touch my friend”. The effect of this campaign is still felt today in respect of differences.

In the same spirit and with the same positive and united enthusiasm, women and men concerned about the fight against sexual violence against women, launched a great campaign which uses a pin and a poster inspired by Nikos Aliagas’ photographic work.



These pins portray the look of a young girl who is vulnerable to the world and as such inspires us to provide a more supportive look. The aim is to change our attitude towards women and become more respectful.



Associations, youth groups, students, teachers, media, merchants and concerned citizens are invited to purchase the pin and also resell it.

Distributors can purchase a batch of at least 50 pins at a price of € 1 / pin’s

Price per piece: 2 €.


It takes 2€ to say that sexual violence against women is never to be accepted. One in three women is a victim. Do not close your eyes.