March Against Marrakech banned throughout the whole Brussels Capital Region

A demonstration organized by far-right movements, was scheduled for Sunday December 16th to protest against Belgium’s signing of the Global Compact for Migration in Marrakech. It has been banned throughout the Brussels-Capital Region through a press release from Brussels Mayor, Philippe Close, and Brussels Minister-President, Rudy Vervoort.

Following the Regional Security Council during which the Mayor of the City of Brussels has announced its intention to ban the far-right demonstration scheduled on Sunday in its territory and on the basis of operational information issued by the Police Zone Brussels-Capital Ixelles.

Philippe Close and Rudi Vervoort said that, “it is out of the question to let that kind of demonstration take place in Brussels.”


Philippe Close
Philippe Close


They added, “We do not intend to let propagators of hatred and violence tarnish the tranquility of our capital this weekend in December. We intend to preserve a calm, serene city where it is good to live and enjoy during this time of the year. We made the decision to ban all gatherings and demonstrations on the Brussels territory this Sunday.”

The Flemish daily De Morgen reported on Tuesday that hooligans from various Belgian football clubs had also pledged to take part in this march against Marrakech.

This ban will have consequences on other events scheduled this Sunday, given the impossibility of controlling the authenticity of each. The Mayor of the City of Brussels and the Minister-President have these demonstrators to contact the police authorities to reprogram their action in good order.