Maria and Jean are the most common names in Belgium in 2017

Statbel, the Belgian statistical office, publishes every year an update of the first names of the whole population in Belgium. In 2017, Maria and Marie were by far the most common first names among women. Monique, Martine and Nathalie complete the top 5.

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Among men, Jean, Marc, Patrick, Michel and Luc lead the Belgian top 5. There are however a number of differences in age and place of residence. For boys younger than 18, Lucas, Thomas and Louis are the most common first names. Marc, Patrick and Luc rank first among men aged 18 to 64. As for men aged 65 or older, the most common first names are Jean, André and Roger. In Flanders, Marc, Jan and Luc rank first. In Wallonia, the most common first names are Jean, Michel and Philippe, and in Brussels, Mohamed, Jean en Mohammed.

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There are fewer differences in age and place of residence among women. In Flanders and Brussels, Maria and Marie rank first and second, while those places are occupied by Marie and Nathalie in Wallonia. The third place goes to Rita in Flanders, to Fatima in Brussels and to Maria in Wallonia.

Regarding the female age groups, Maria and Marie retain first and second place among women aged 18 to 64 and women older than 65. Emma ranks first among girls younger than 18, followed by Marie and Laura.