Music Show Scotland is heading for Brussels

It’s said to be the largest Scottish indoor show in the world and Music Show Scotland is heading for Brussels.

For three years in a row now the show has delighted Belgian audiences and the good news is that it is set to return for another airing early in the New Year.

On 20 January, this spectacular production will be performed again at Forest National in Brussels, the first time it’s appeared at the venue.

Music Show Scotland is the largest Scottish indoor show in the world and features a programme of Celtic music and dance, combining entertainment with humour.

In a sublime setting, more than 200 bagpipers, drummers, dancers, musicians and singers present a dazzling spectacle. The imposing “Highland Valley Castle” – 40m wide and 15m high – was designed specifically for the show. Comprising several floors, towers and battlements, the castle is unique in the world and can be adjusted to fit any location.

Audiences are often left breathless when the huge fanfare of musicians in uniform passes the “castle” gates. Legendary melodies such as “Amazing Grace” and “Highland Cathedral” are just a small part of this three-hour show. The Castle band plays a mix of traditional music and pop-rock songs like “You Are The Voice” and “Music”, all making for an unforgettable night.

The spectacle has already proved to be a hit across Germany and the Netherlands, where it has entertained an audience of 8,000 people.

In front of and on top of the enormous castle decorum, the artists present all facets of the Scottish culture in a varied music show. The impressive sound of the pipes and drums batters through the hall, accompanied by a 15-piece woodwinds and brass ensemble.

Apart from traditional bagpipe music, modern rock music will also blend in, performed by the house band. In beautiful costumes the Highland dancers and Irish step dancers take on the stage, to perform both traditional and modern choreographies.

The participating bands include the Highland  Valley Dancers, Celtic Stepfire and the McArthur Dancers. But the “star” of the show is, arguably, the bagpipe but a question often posed is: is this originally a Scottish instrument? The answer is No.

The “Great Highland Bagpipe” is the most famous bagpipe, but the instrument has probably come into existence about well over 2,000 years ago in India, Pakistan and Iran. Because of the journeys of Alexander the Great, die instruments came to the west and during the Roman Empire and spread all over Europe. Even today, they are a part of the German, Scottish, Irish, Spanish, Serbian and Albanian music culture.

The hardest thing when playing on it, is that you have to make all pipes sound together, without being able to blow on them separately. Another consequence of this technique is, that it can only be played “legato” or without any breaks in between.

The show, though, is unashamedly full on Scotland and brings together Highland dance and Irish dance, popularized among others by Riverdance. Groups of dancers perform traditional and modern dances, to the sound of live music, through a magical setting – enough to immerse you in the Scottish Highlands themselves!

Good to know:

The show starts at 7.30pm on 20 January and further info, including ticket prices,is available via