Neighbours’ Day in Belgium

On Friday 25th of May, Belgium and indeed the world, will celebrate world Neighbours’ Day. Streets, squares, gardens and terraces will be the playground of millions of people around Europe in celebration of community through street events in which everyone is invited.

Neighbours’ Day is an annual event that brings together the whole neighbourhood on the last Friday of May with the aim being to create a different atmosphere in which people can experience the potential harmony of your city or town.

de buren dag

Typical events bringing together the people of Belgium together have been things like barbeques, street parties, group games, meet and greats, an aperitif and so much more. To participate, just invite your neighbors for anything fun that will bring people together.

But being an event for the people of the areas, you are expected to partake and set up your own street event. But that’s not to say there are no incentives for doing so, along with getting the chance to meet your neighbours, companies like Devos & Lemmens are offering a competition to the most barbeques held on the day; giving away free fries and Devos & Lemmens sauces for all involved in next year’s event, and even giving a role for one person in their next radio commercial.

Fête des Voisins

Once again this year, organizers will be able to benefit from free material such as posters, invitations, balloons and goodies with the image of “Neighbors Day” in order to inform the area of your planned party. The first 100 municipalities registered will benefit from personalized posters and reusable bags with the logo.

In addition, a new website was created to facilitate the search for information and a new invitation format was also developed – making this one of the most connected neighbours’ days to date.

This event hopes the interactions shared will encourage you to feel concerned about your environment, being aware and open to others, becoming a participant in your neighbourhood and getting involved in the local community.

So why not join in this year, activate or reactivate the social link inherent in the daily life with your neighbours and of the neighbourhood, and renew your sense of community in a fun, exciting and truly original experience that is rewarding for everyone.

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