New long span radar to be installed on Avenue Louise

Another long span radar will be set up in Brussels over the upcoming weeks.

Will all future radars be designed as long span radars? It is a question worth pondering over, as this technology might tackle the issues related to ‘one-shot radars’.

In case you did not know, this new type of radars –which aims to record whether drivers exceed the speed limit over a certain distance– has been introduced in some European countries as of late.

Belgium is no exception in this regard, and the Brussels authorities have set up such a system a couple of months ago on the Leopold III Boulevard. The project has been quite successful, as the number of traffic offences has significantly decreased.

It seems that now the local authorities aim to go further, as a new one will be introduced on Avenue Louise in February. More concretely, the long span radar will cover the segment between Bailli and Stéphanie (870 meters). The location is not meaningless, as the policemen regularly report traffic offenses on this section. More than 60% of the drivers do not comply with the speed limit (50 km/h).



A deal has been found between the regional and local authorities last week, and it will enter into force in the upcoming weeks.

“More road safety is one of the Brusselians’ expectations; it is then obvious to strengthen it. I would like to thank the different competent levels for their effective collaboration,” said Philippe Close, the Mayor of Brussels, stated. Although many drivers complain about the controls, one cannot deny the consistent non-compliance of the speed limits in the core network.

This new system of radars therefore appears to be relevant.