No more Jump bikes and Felyx scooters in certain Brussels areas

Several occurrences of theft and vandalism have pushed Uber to take their Jump electric bikes off the streets of Brussels in a couple of communes. Dutch company Felyx also retrieved their scooters in 2 areas.

These decisions were motivated by higher rates of vandalism (4 times as high as elsewhere) in the communes of Anderlecht, Molenbeek, Koekelberg and in the area of Laeken. It appears that locks were broken. Also, bikes would disappear but were recovered with the police’s help. The maintenance staff was assaulted as well.

The American company has reached out to the communes’ authorities and to Brussels Mobility to find a solution.



The region’s Villo! also faces numerous thefts yearly (300/year), of which 80% are retrieved, but they have never closed down stations for that reason.

The scooter company, Felyx, had to take back their vehicles near the Atomium and in Laeken. Their spokesperson mentioned safety as the reason behind the action.