November 12: demonstration in Brussels to regularize illegal immigrants

The Coordination des sans-papiers of Belgium together with Ciré (which supports asylum seekers), the CSC (national Christian trade union federation), the FGTB (General Federation of Belgian Labour), the MRAX (the movement against racism, anti-Semitism and xenophobia) and SOS Migrants,  calls for a demonstration on November 12 in Brussels for the regularization of undocumented migrants.  Such people should be integrated into Belgium, demand these associations.

They demand that such people should be integrated into Belgium. They are inviting Belgians to appeal for the closure of closed reception centres, free movement and an end to expulsion and criminalisation of illegal immigrants.

“The collapse of borders in Europe gave everyone hope for the accessing fundamental human rights., Since 2014, we have been experiencing a daily decline in rights in Belgium. In the name of national security, everyone’s fundamental freedoms have been in danger. The current migration policies, with regard to undocumented migrants but also refugees and those driven from their homes, or to borders, are unacceptable.”, deplores the Coordination of Illegal Immigrants in Belgium.

The demonstration will begin on November 12th at the Gare du Nord at 14:00.