On Thursday the Meyboom was planted for the 710th time

It’s a real race against the folk clock. On Thursday at 17h, the Meyboom had to be planted by the brotherhood of the Companions of Saint-Laurent in Brussels. Otherwise, the inhabitants of Brussels would have lost the right to plant this tree of joy on August 9th, for the benefit of the Louvanists.

The Meyboom tradition consists in planting each year on August 9th a beech tree at the intersection of the rue des Sables and rue du Marais. The ceremony is accompanied by processions and various folk activities during the day.

Under the Processional Giants and Dragons of Belgium and France, the Meyboom of Brussels was inscribed on the list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2008

Like Saint-Josse and Brussels, Schaerbeek is closely linked to this Brussels folklore. Everyone has a very specific role for the planting to unfold.

The Meyboom plantation was held for its 710th time!