Portugal, guest of honor at the Brussels Matinal Market

On Friday 15 to Saturday 16 September 2017, the Matinal Market of Brussels will open its doors, from midnight to 7:00 am.

The third edition of the “Portes ouvertes du Marché Matinal” will be dedicated to Portugal. Brusselians will be able to taste and discover the flavors of the Portuguese gastronomy: a rich cuisine known for its excellent wines, cheeses and sausages, tasty fish, as the famous cod (in Portuguese: bacalhau), and its pastries – notably, the famous pasteis de nada. Animations, product tastings, welcome tent, photo booth, contests, will be on the program of this exceptional night.

Petit aperçu de ce que vous trouverez au Marché Matinal. Klein overzicht van hetgeen u op de Vroegmarkt zal vinden.

Publié par Mabru – Marché Matinal de Bruxelles / Vroegmarkt van Brussel sur mardi 12 septembre 2017


This initiative is led by Mabru, a  non-profit organisation, thanks to the financial support of Marion Lemesre, City Councillor in charge of Economic Affairs, as well as other partners such as Suez, Motor Village, Securitas, Clabots, Van Praet, Debotech and the Federation Horeca Brussels.