Price of fuel to increase on Thursday September 19th

The price of petrol and diesel will increase on Thursday, announced the Federal Public Service (FPS) of Economy. This rise is a consequence of the increase in oil prices after the drone attack on two oil installations in Saudi Arabia last weekend.

The maximum price of gasoline 95 (E10) will increase by 6.4 cents to 1.5240 euro / liter.

Gasoline 98 (E5) will cost a maximum of 1.5720 euro / liter, an increase of 6.8 cents.

The maximum price per liter of diesel (B7) will increase by 2.9 cents to 1.5510 euro / liter.

These prices are the result of fluctuations in the prices of petroleum products and/or bio components inherent in their compositions on international markets, reported the FPS of Economy.