Protest and traffic disruptions on Wednesday 27 March

A protest will take place in Brussels on Wednesday 27 March 2019. Traffic will be adapted between noon and 6 pm (at the small ring road and in the European quarter).

Demonstration: Fair Transport For Europe

A year-long campaign for better work in the transport sector is reaching its high point. On 27 March, 5000 workers from different countries and transport sectors will parade through the streets of Brussels and hold a rally in front of the European Commission. The demo follows more than 100 protests and events in 20 countries across Europe.

On land, at sea and in the air, more than 10 million Europeans work in transport. They provide vital services that we all depend on. But sadly, they are under attack. Now EU elections are just round the corner, and we demand that bosses and politicians take concrete steps to implement the vision in our Fair Transport manifesto. Our proposals include:

  • A more social Europe with fair, well-enforced rules and a strong right to collective negotiation
  • Access to reliable, affordable public transport for every citizen
  • Action against gender-based violence at work
  • A humane approach to automation in transport

Fair Transport

Why Fair Transport?

Chaos at Ryanair. Battles over Uber. Abuse scandals in trucking. Automation at ports and on ships. Privatisation of rail services. Harassment in warehouses. Human trafficking on river cruises. Disappointment with the EU’s “Social Pillar” and stalemate on the EU’s Mobility Package reforms.

“Employers try to divide workers from different countries and professions to drive down wages and conditions. Most national governments turn a blind eye, and the EU does too little to protect transport workers from this social dumping and exploitation,” says ETF President Frank Moreels. “The result is job losses, dangerous conditions, unfair pay and precarious contracts. It’s the same story all over Europe, and it creates fertile ground for political resentment and populism. Now we’re sending a powerful message that Europe must do better!”

“Workers have to react, and the only answer is solidarity,” says Eduardo Chagas, ETF General Secretary. “Europe can do better, and transport workers from the Arctic Circle to the Mediterranean Sea are standing together to lead the way. We have a positive vision for better jobs in Europe, and our Fair Transport campaign has inspired unions across the continent to act.”

Schedule, Wednesday 27 March:

12:00 – 13:00 Gathering and line up at Boulevard Albert II
13:00 – 15:00 March from ETUC building to the Ront-Point Schuman
15:00 – 17:00 Rally in front of the European Commission