Proximus: First strike expected to occur on Tuesday January 15th

The Christian union CSC-ACV reported that Proximus staff will carry out a first strike action on Tuesday January 15th, in protest against the “transformation plan” announced by the Belgian telecommunications company.

Proximus announced last Thursday morning details of a “three-year transformation plan” which includes keeping 1,250 new workers but also the possibility of a reduction in staff “of about 1,900 employees over the three years next years, in line with the expected reduction in workload”.



The CSC union calls on the Proximus staff to carry out a strike on Tuesday against the restructuring plan programmed by the telecommunications company. The union has filed a strike notice and is calling on all employees to visit the Proximus towers in Brussels on Tuesday. “Our activists want to give a signal. They want to be respected,” said CSC Secretary Ben Coremans.


The strike may cause disruption within the group, especially in Proximus stores, some of which may remain closed. Customers requesting assistance from a call center might experience longer waiting times.

Customers who have an appointment with a Proximus technician on Tuesday may also see this appointment postponed.