Saint-Géry area to be under construction in October

According to Bart Dhondt, the alderman of mobility, construction around the Place Saint-Géry is supposed to begin in October. The project should be finished by April.

The reason behind the reconstruction work is to make the area more accessible for pedestrians and cyclists.

The work will be undertaken on the following streets: Pletinckx, Saint-Géry, Borgval and Grande Île Streets.

Bart Dhondt added that: “The streets around Place Saint-Géry will be redone like the Carpe Bridge: wider sidewalks and pavers to smooth out the space.”

“Someone with mobility problems or crossing the street of the Big Island with a stroller, a cyclist who dares to venture into Pletinckx street, all know why this renovation is essential. The comfort of pedestrians and cyclists will be significantly improved.”