Should Pigeons in Ixelles be fed with contraceptive seeds?

A petition has been spotted online asking to distribute contraceptive seeds to pigeons.

“This is an amicable petition that aims to help the beautiful municipality of Ixelles to put in place a plan for the ethical regulation of pigeons. The pigeons are indeed far too numerous on the territory and the problem can not be solved without thoughtful intervention,” is stated on the petition.

The petition titled Petition for Ethical Regulation of Pigeons/Feeding Card was launched by Stéphanie De Jonghe and addressed to Yves Rouyet, the alderman of the municipality of Ixelles.

The petition states that many other cities have already employed this method. “Many cities are already using this method, whether they are contraceptive dovecotes (shaking eggs to make them sterile) or distributing contraceptive grain at strategic locations.” However this method is widely debated.

According to Brussels Environment there are nearly 4,000 pigeons in the Brussels Region.

Check out the petition in here.


Photo by Viktor Kern on Unsplash