Side effects of dry season: dead fish and cyanobacteria in Brussels canal

For several days now, the Brussels canal and some ponds in the capital are covered with a thick green layer of microscopic matter. It is a bacteria called cyanobacteria whose existence in the water causes the death of fish.

The marshy appearance of the water was first noticed in the Brussels canal, near the Quai du Charbonnages in Molenbeek. Some dead fish have been photographed on the surface of the water. Is it pollution? This is not the case, explained the Port Authority of Brussels. It is believed that one of the main causes is the reduced activity of boats due to the works taking place in parts of the canal. The reduced movement in the water would be the culprit of the low levels of oxygen, stated the Port Authority.

The heat of recent days does not improve the situation.

A hauteur du Petit Château et du Quai des Charbonnages #molenbeek, pollution du canal sur 100m. Peintures ? Poissons…

Publiée par Karim Majoros sur Samedi 21 juillet 2018