Sporting-up the summer holidays for asylum-seeking youth

Photo from Red Cross

The last few weeks of summer are coming to a close, but many take advantage of these last days for holidays enjoying their time together and trying new things.

That’s exactly what the youth from several different reception centres in Brussels did this past Thursday holiday — they came together for a day of football and volleyball playing friendly matches throughout the day and enjoyed their time together.

SB OverSeas was lucky to be invited to this event by the all-female reception centre in Jette; and so we spent the day with the girls playing a volleyball tournament. We were divided into teams of four and played 5 rounds of volleyball together; in between taking time to play racketball, kick around a football and just chat. The day was a great success in that the girls and volunteers from SB, as well as those ladies from SINGA were enthusiastic in their teams and in the end played a impressive match to crown the winner.

Such activities during the summer are important for all young people to have, and in particular these youth with a migrant background are able to let go of their daily worries and enjoy their time together, meet new people and do some fund physical activity!

While the SB Espoir project is on hiatus until October, our volunteers got the opportunity to participate in this extraordinary event, thanks to the organization of the Belgian Red Cross. If these are the kind of activities that you enjoy doing on holidays or on the weekends during the year, volunteer with us! We will be recruiting in September for our newest cycle of activities that will begin at the end of the same month.

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