Swedish activist Greta Thunberg’s face now adorns a Brussels wall

A new mural has appeared in the Cité du Sureau in Brussels, depicting the face of famed Swedish climate activist, Greta Thunberg.

The mural is the work of the artist ‘Encq’, or Henk De Ruddere. It was done on the initiative of the owner of the house, who is a friend of Mr De Ruddere’s. The City of Brussels also supported the project.

For Mr De Ruddere, choosing to draw Ms Thunberg was an easy decision.



“The mural is supposed to symbolise, and support, the climate protests. When I see these young people go by, I am proud, even if I also feel slightly ashamed,” he said. “When I was her age, my only concern was to be in love or to recover from  heartache. I did not worry about things like climate change.”

By drawing the mural, both the owner of the house and Mr De Ruddere hope to further promote the climate activist movement and to express their gratitude to them.