Taxis strike on March 27

Massive planned strikes expected to cause disruptions tomorrow

Should you aim to reach the city centre or the Schuman neighbourhood to go to work on Tuesday, you should consider public transport. It’s not another the car-free day, nor has pollution, but the taxi drivers will go on strike all day long.

This is due to them strongly disagreeing with what Pascal Smet, the Belgian Federal Minister for mobility, had to say about taxis and taxi apps.

The drivers believe his future plan to make the taxi drivers and the Uber drivers almost at the same level with the same rights, is unfair. They are also not in favour of the increase of the numerus clausus, which would make the competition higher and then the prices lower.

After the unions of the taxi drivers met with Mr. Smet last week, they have decided to continue the planned protest. Philippe Lescot, a union representative, told Le Soir there could be “overflows” in roads of the main protests.

The protests will start about 5.00 am on the main routes into Brussels. A cavalcade will also be on the way to/from Zaventem. While it should take multiple hours, the taxi drivers will gather at Plateau du Heysel later in the culmination of the days protest.

These protests are taking place throughout Europe in a show of solidarity. Drivers from France, Switzerland and the UK are supposed to protest in major capitals, too.