The first 200,000 tickets for Tomorrowland were sold in less than 30 minutes

The first 200,000 pre-sale tickets for the Tomorrowland dance and electro festival were sold in under half an hour, the organizers reported.

Belgians who had previously registered could get seats as of 11:00 am on Saturday for the fifteenth edition of the festival. More people (+ 30%) were registered compared to last year, “which somewhat slowed the flow of pre-sales,” said Tomorrowland’s spokesman, Debby Wilmsen.


Those who have not managed to get a ticket were able at 17:00 on Saturday 26th, at the opening of international sales. Some 100,000 tickets were made available at that moment.

Finally, on February 2nd, the remaining 70,000 tickets will go on sale. These will however be more expensive: 293 euros for a full weekend instead of 249 euros in pre-sale and 109 euros for a day-pass instead of the 105.50 Eur in pre-sale.

The 15th edition of the world-famous festival will take place on the weekends of 19th to 21st, and 26th to 28th of July. The theme chosen for this 15th edition is “The Book of Wisdom – The Return”, in reference to a theme that was already touched on back in 2012.