The Smurfs turned 60 this week

On October 23, 1958 the blue Smurfs appeared for the first time in the Journal de Spirou.

This year, as the Smurfs celebrated their 60th anniversary, Véronique Culliford, the daughter of the creator Peyo Culliford, was present at the Smurf Experience at the Brussels Expo. The Smurf Experience was a symbolic event which gathered 300 children from all over Belgium.

The Smurfs constitute of a family inheritance which started in Belgium, said Ms. Culliford. She further adds that “the trans-generational characters helped convey positive values and messages”. Their first appearance dates back in 1958 with the “The Smurfs Six Flute”. After Peyo passed away in 1992, his son Thierry Culiford continued the work. So far, the Smurfs have managed to sell more than 50 million albums of their 35 adventures in approximately 70 countries.

The Smurf Experience has attracted 120,000 visitors since it opened in June. You should plan to check it out before its closing on January 27 at Palais 2 of the Brussels Expo at Heysel. Afterwards, the expo will begin a 5-year international tour.