Thunderstorms cause damages in different parts of Brussels

Violent thunderstorms hit some communes in Brussels causing trees and lamp posts to fall down. Some of the gutters were overflowing. Damages have been reported in the municipalities of Evere, Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Woluwe-Saint-Pierre and Auderghem.

At Brussels Airport, the stormy showers were so intense that the movement of personnel on the tarmac was suspended, which caused delays for both departing and landing flights. Shortly after 18h, however, the situation returned to normal.

A second wave of violent storms would be expected after 8 pm in the same area. Firefighters remain alert.

On the websites of Brussels Mobility, it has been announced that the tunnels of Vleurgat and Georges-Henri have been closed to traffic because of the risks.

“Local storms will cause significant amounts of rain in a very short time,” states the Royal Meteorological Institute on its website.