Tim Burton comes to Belgium

An exhibition on the legendary filmmaker Tim Burton arrives in Belgium. Having travelled through New York, Melbourne, Paris, Tokyo, São Paulo and Prague, the “Tim Burton World” comes to Belgium for August 15th.

The creator of Edward Scissor Hands, The Corpse Bride, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Burton transports us into an enchanting and poetic universe through his movies, so it’s only fitting that the universe he weaved be explored more deeply. And thanks to the new travelling exhibition, it can.

Tim burton

The exhibition at the C-mine site in Gent will focus on the unusual characters and the unique imaginary world of the director. Beyond his cinematographic works, the exhibition will also highlight his talents as a draftsman and producer. Drawings, paintings, photos, animated stop-motion dolls, models, films and sculptures will be presented to the public in this exhibition. In total, more than 400 objects will be grouped by theme.

Note that Tim Burton himself will visit the site between September 28 and 30. He will also inaugurate the Tim Burton Film Festival, which will take place on the same site, at the Euroscoop cinema.