Tips for Mother’s day

Its that time of year again where we reflect on everything our mothers have/do for us. Just to confirm for those who never remember, Mothers day is on the 13th this year. Quite close? Indeed. But fear not, we have crafted this list for those lagging behind, or just those looking for inspiration.

Home away from home?

Now, understandably, many of you reading this may be expats and will have left your mother, dad, brothers, sisters, and the family dog in your home country. So to have something prepared in Belgium may be out of the question. One sure thing that is nice to receive, especially as the spring is blooming, is flowers. How to sort it out? Flora queen is a website that delivers flowers all around Europe and over the world. You can also pick the specific type of flowers out so you can find the best bunch or your mom’s favourite flower.


Take a canal tour from Brussels

As the sunny weather is taking hold, nothing is better than to be close to water, out of the traffic and to have some relaxing time. This comes as the Brussels cruise boats are once again taking passengers. See a different side of Antwerp and arrive by boat, or have a tranquil journey and tour the beautiful Scheldt area or the greenbelt area near Brussels.


Enjoy a nice lunch/dinner

Food! of course, many mothers have to worry about cooking the family food most days, so today she deserves to be cooked for, and well! Brussels has many lovely restaurants – far too many to list here – so you can check out our Foodie section for inspiration on some unique meals, but if you are looking for a nice area to eat, then Place Sainte-Catherine offers many restaurants and a nice atmosphere too.


Take a tour round a chocolate factory

The typical box of chocolates may not cut it this year, but a tour around a chocolate factory? Take a tour around the Belgian Chocolate Village and see how the chocolate is produced, prepared and made; with plenty of chocolatey treats in-between.