Try some cricket caviar from Wallonia

A record number of 88 technological innovations were presented this year at the 8th edition of InnovaTech in Colfontaine, the Walloon fair for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and micro enterprises (MEs). Among them: cricket caviar.

InnovaTech is a real joy for every entrepreneur, investor, journalist and politician keen on economics and innovation. It is a place to discover breakthroughs and remarkable inventions in just about every domain, whether it’s IT, healthcare or even the food industry. In the latter, it was hard to miss the company called WOC, owned by Jean-Philippe Draye from Namur. WOC in this case does not refers to the famous style of cooking, but is the English abbreviation for World of Cricket. And cricket is not only an English sport but also a kind of grasshopper.



One that Jean-Philippe has now transformed into caviar. Sounds promising to the food lovers among us.

It is no simple matter to prepare a batch of cricket caviar. The insects first need to be boiled, peeled, their moisture removed and dripped into a bath of oil, and then cleaned. It takes a total of six hours to prepare 1 kg of these delightful creatures bursting with protein and minerals.

Jean-Philippe is convinced that this local, almost entirely handmade, eco-friendly and organic product has a bright future ahead. It is just a matter of encouraging people out of their comfort zones, he believes. There is every chance of success, as the final product no longer resembles a cricket in any shape or form.