Two thirds of young people are able to find a job in Brussels within 12 months

According to the figures from Brussels’ Observatory of Employment, 64% of the young people who completed a first-time Actiris transitional internship, find a job within the following 12 months.

Actiris offers young people with little to no qualifications a first-time work experience through their transitional internship program. In the previous year, 1,229 youngsters profited from from an internship, whether it was in companies (57%), within an administration (28%), or in an NGO (15%). The employers who contributed the most to this program are Bruxelles-Propreté with 83 trainees, and Proximus with 45.





In the private sector, hospitality and commerce accounted for more than half of all the internships offered (56%).

In order to qualify for an internship, the candidate has to be younger than 30 years old, have the best CESS, be registered as an unemployed job-seeker for at least 78 days after completing your education, and you must not have a professional experience of more than 90 consecutive days.

If you believe that you meet the criteria, you should wait no more and apply.