Unmissable LGBTI+ events this autumn in Brussels

Every year, Brussels’ nightlife mode in September. Event organisers and nightclubs offer attractive lineups to the delight of revellers. The LGBTI+ community is not to be outdone. This year, the capital is celebrating the anniversaries of 3 emblematic venues and nights: La Démence, Soirée Bénédiction and the cabaret at Chez Maman.

Brussels never sleeps, in particular the Saint-Jacques district, the heart of Brussels’ gay scene. This lively neighbourhood is a perfect reflection of the capital’s lively and warm character. Just about everything is an excuse for a celebration.

With 183 nationalities, Brussels is the diversity capital par excellence. Its free spirit is supported by non-discriminatory legislation. Brussels really has everything. The European capital also boasts a wide range of nights and venues. Many revellers go to the capital to enjoy a night of madness in one of the countless events that animate it.

This autumn, between the arrival of The Black Madonna at Bénédiction, the Pink Night or the 30 year anniversary celebrations of La Démence, clubbers will be spoilt for choice. The list of LGBTI+ events and nights is long this season. Here is an overview :

Election of Mister Bear Belgium

The 9th edition of Belgium Bear Pride will be held from 2 to 6 October at several locations in Brussels. The election of Mr Bear Belgium is the highlight of this festival. A jury of professionals and the public will be called upon to vote for this year’s title winner at an evening full of surprises at the Bodega.



Date: 5 October
Venue: La Bodega
More information on Facebook.

C12 x Benediction XIV • The Black Madonna

Benediction shatters the conventions of classic cabaret. It is a place open to creativity where everyone is welcome. Its ambition: to break down the boundary between the stage and the audience in order to create exceptional rituals between them. Launched in 2017 by Juriji Der Klee and located, since October 2018, at C12 – which has been producing all their events since then – Benediction will celebrate its second anniversary on Friday 11 October. To mark this anniversary, Benediction and C12 have the great honour of welcoming The Black Madonna and Mike Servito, 2 icons of the American gay house scene.



Line-up: The Black Madonna, Mike Servito
Date: 11 October
Venue: C12
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La Démence – 30th Anniversary Party Weekend

La Démence is undoubtedly one of the best gay parties in Europe. It takes place 12 times a year, usually on Friday evenings or on the eve of public holidays and attracts members of the LGBTQ+ community from all over Europe and beyond. Here we speak all languages, and there are no dress-codes: bears, muscle-queens, fetish, latex leather, fashion victims, young and not so young, all are welcome. The evening is generally hosted by Fuse, which is one of the best clubs in Belgium. Make sure you’re ready for a long night, as the party starts at 22:00 and ends around noon the next day!

Line-up: Pagano (UK), Steven Redant (ES), Chris Bekker (DE), Sebastien Triumph (FR), Paul Heron (UK), John Dixon (FR), Ben Manson (FR), Jon Doe (DE), Mister Mola (BE), Dikky Vendetta (NL), Elias (ES), Andrei Stan (RO), Kenne Perry (BE), Bernard Gavilan (BE), Jo (BE), Breizbear (BE)


Publiée par LA DEMENCE sur Mercredi 3 juillet 2019


Date: 31 October – 3 November 2019
Venue: Fuse, Palais 12
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18th Pink Night

Bold and subversive, Pink Screens is the only film festival in Belgium to address gender and sexuality issues in a diverse way with openness, humour and curiosity. It’s the festival’s must-attend closing event and showcases the queer music scene to the delight of the party animals present.



Date: 16 November
Venue: La Bodega
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Chez Maman celebrates its 25th birthday

Open since 3 December 1994, Chez Maman has become the benchmark Brussels cabaret cafe. Every weekend, Maman and her daughters perform on this now mythical stage. When we say stage, what we really mean is counter. Because at Chez Maman, the stage is actually the main room’s counter. But it’s well-known that size doesn’t matter! This slab of marble has a magic that hundreds of people come to experience every week.

To mark her 25th birthday, Mom is setting up shop at Bloody Louis nightclub for an evening of celebration and shows that will go on until dawn.


Publiée par Chez Maman sur Lundi 2 septembre 2019


Date: 7 December 2019
Venue: Bloody Louis
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