Vehicles banned in Brussels: Fines of up to 350 Eur

The planned ‘adaptation period’ (période d’adaptation) for new vehicles banned from driving in the Brussels Region ended today. Any motorist traveling with a prohibited vehicle in the low emission zone will be subject to fines.

Since 1 January, Euro 2 diesel vehicles and Euro 0 and Euro 1 gasoline vehicles have been added to the list of vehicles already banned in the Brussels Region’s Low Emission Zone (LEZ).

Failure to comply with the criteria for access to the zone will result in a fine of 350 euros. However, a new fine can only be levied on a vehicle 3 months after the previous one. A maximum of 4 fines per vehicle may be issued, the government of the Brussels Region has said.



All vehicles are affected by the new regulation. For vehicles registered abroad, registration is mandatory via the website. The government of the Brussels Region has warned that any vehicle registered abroad entering the zone without prior registration is liable to a 150 euro fine, even if the vehicle meets the conditions of access of the LEZ. For vehicles registered in Belgium, no action is necessary.