“We will never import the sharia into our country. Never!” says Bianca Debaets

The declarations of Redouane Ahrouch, leader of the Islam Party in Belgium, about separating men and women in public transport are provoking indignation in Belgium.

“The Islam Party wants to separate women and men in public transport. It is extremely shocking and also contrary to the constitution. On the other hand, we will never import the sharia into our country. Never! I ask the Institute for the Equality of Women and Men to analyze this issue in order to be able to act firmly against these remarks. In the Brussels Capital Region, we need political and religious leaders who build bridges, no fanatics who train young people with delirious speeches” says Bianca Debaets, Secretary of State for Equal Opportunities from the Brussels Capital Region.

Le parti Islam veut séparer les femmes et les hommes dans les transports en commun. C'est extrêmement choquant et aussi…

Publiée par Bianca Debaets sur vendredi 6 avril 2018