Weather in Belgium to remain extremely warm at the start of this week

It will be very hot on Monday this week with maximum temperatures of between 27 and 32 degrees.

In western Belgium, some clouds may appear during the mid-to-late afternoon. Maximum temperatures will range from between 27 degrees in the Upper Ardennes, to 29 degrees on the Coast and up to 32 degrees in the Kempen. A light wind will blow throughout the day from the southeast.

During the night from Monday to Tuesday, the weather will remain dry. The minimum temperatures will be between 17 degrees in the Hautes-Fagnes and 22 or 23 degrees in the big cities.

Tuesday will be the hottest day of the week with temperatures reaching a maximum of 29 degrees on the coast, around 32 degrees in the centre of Belgium and up to 34 degrees in the Kempen. On the Belgian coast, the air mass will cool down in the afternoon and evening under the influence of a northwest breeze. In the centre of the country, a light-to-moderate wind will blow from the south.