How well do you know Brussels? 20 questions for Brussels 101

We hear it often, and we probably say it often too. We love Brussels. But do you? If so, then you must at least know a little about the city. Take this quiz to find out just how well you know Brussels. If you ace it, fantastic. If not, then at least you’ll learn something new about our beloved city. Ready? Let’s go.

1. Which of the following is the capital of Belgium?

2. How many communes are there in the Brussels-Capital Region?

3. Which one below is the flag of the Brussels-Capital Region?

4. Where might you find eurocrats every Thursday night?

5. Which Brussels commune has the highest concentration of European expats?

6. Who are the patron saints of Brussels?

7. Where is the best place to go for flea market shopping?

8. Name three UNESCO World Heritage sites in Brussels?

9. You are in Place Flagey and you want to go to Matongé in one ride. Which is the best bus to take?

10. The official residence of the Belgian royal family is located in which area?

11. What is the tallest skyscraper in Brussels?

12. Every year, classical musicians from all over the world participate in a competition organized in Brussels. What is the name of this famous competition?

13. Where is Brussels’ urban beach located?

14. How many museums are featured inside the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium?

15. Which of the following EU institutions are headquartered in Brussels?

16. The March 2016 Brussels bombings happened where?

17. When does the Brussels Marathon usually take place?

18. Who is that man in featured in the equestrian statue in front of Mont des Arts/Kuntsberg?

19. What is the name of that long avenue that runs through the municipalities of Etterbeek, Ixelles, and Auderghem?

20. It’s that swanky district of Brussels known for its art galleries and antique shops.