Will smoking be effectively banned from concert halls in Belgium?

Although smoking is prohibited in concert halls it is not so uncommon to see it happen. This action may trigger the rest of smokers to light a cigarette as well.

Kom op tegen Kanker (KOTK), along with concert promoters and theater directors, has decided to launch a new campaign to prevent lighting cigarettes during concerts. Wristbands with the inscription #smokefreeconcerts will be distributed before and during concerts.

KOTK (Stand up against cancer) is a campaign by the organization of the same name, which aims to raise awareness of passive smoking, cancer, and the environment overall.

Marc Michils, the General Manager of Kom op tegen Kanker stated, “The days when cigarette and rock’n’roll went hand in hand are over. Today, we want to rid the concerts of cigarette and cigarette of his image ‘cool’. Everyone has the right to breathe healthy air.”


From: Anastasia Vityukova – Unsplash


Botanique, Palais 12, L’Ancienne Belgique, Botanique, the Democracy, Greenhouse Talent, Live Nation, the Royal Circus and more, are all taking part in this action.