World Cup 2018: Belgium v Brazil

After the incredible game vs. Japan, more serious challenges are beginning: Belgium v Brazil.

Let’s have a look at the beginning of the second half the last game vs. Japan. At the 60th minute, only a couple of thousands of Belgians might have bet on the Red Devils to play vs. Brazil in quarter finals. The end of the game, however, allowed us to be more hopeful with regard to this upcoming game.

But let’s be serious! Japan is not Brazil, and although the Japanese players have achieved to defend in a very effective way for dozens of minutes, the mistakes the Red devils have made vs. Japan will be unforgivable on Friday. Neymar and his mates will probably take advantage of all the opportunities they have.

Belgium showed everyone we should count on it. While they were losing 2-0 in the last game, they managed to fill the gap as well as to win the match. The Martinez’ coaching has also been very successful, as two substitutes (Fellaini and Chadli) have scored a couple of minutes after they entered the pitch. Those two substitutions also witnessed the strong bench the Red Devils can take advantage of. And finally, the very successful offensive army the Red Devils have is one of the most threatening of the 2018 World Cup.


Belgium is clearly the outsider team for this upcoming game. They will therefore play without any pressure, and it is then up to the Hazard’s teammates to confound the critics. In case they defeat the Brazilian team, the Red devils will have Belgians dreaming about a potential success in final. Last but not least, a victory could mean a semi-final vs. the Belgian best enemy…. France.

So don’t plan anything for the beginning of the weekend. When you’re done with your work on Friday, pop down to one of the thousands Brussels’ bars and stand up for your favourite team. Go Red Devils!