Zinne – the Brussels Citizen Currency

After the July contest regarding the name of the Citizen Currency of Brussels, its’ promoters have decided to go for the “Zinne.” The name “Zinne” is a Brussels term referring to ‘a desire’ or evoking the Senne river.

Several groups of citizens in Brussels have been working on the project to find an alternative local currency for a few months now. The idea was to launch a local currency that aims to support the development of an economic activity rooted in the territory and its local community, strengthen links between inhabitants through citizen participation as well as support activities that recognize and respect the “limits of the planet”.

The Zinne is planned to be launched by January 2019 and 1 Zinne will be exchanged for 1 euro.

If you’re interested in participating in its creation, a graphics contest has been launched to find a logo, and the model of the bill. You can request more information about the competition by contacting: concours@monnaiebruxelloise.be

Several other citizen currencies already exist in Belgium such as : Lumsou (Citizen Currency of the Namur Basin), SolAToi ( Citizen Currency of the municipality of Ath), The Val’Heureux (Liège), among others.