11 quirky gift ideas for Christmas

Tired of giving the usual mug, picture frame, candles, pillows, umbrella, and towel for Christmas? For sure, your friends are tired of getting them too.

The trouble with choosing gifts is that hardly anything is new out there and people already have what they basically need. So, what else can you offer?

Good news is, you don’t have to stop giving the usual gift items. You just have to pick a whole new reinvented version of them. The same old stuff but with a fun and creative twist.

To help you on your Christmas shopping, here are some gift ideas that are old yet entirely new.

Pizza socks

Socks have never looked this yummy for the feet. They come in different designs too, from sushi socks to cupcake socks and many more. If it’s true that what we wear can affect our disposition, surely slipping on a pair of these socks will get anyone off on the right foot.

Mermaid blanket

This one will keep your friends warm and give them the joy of harboring their secret fantasies of being a mermaid. While there are loads of other fish in the sea, you couldn’t go wrong with a gift like this one especially since the winter is coming.

Trump pin cushion

Now who wouldn’t enjoy a gift like that? It’s probably one of the best things invented since sliced bread or bubble wrap. Even if they don’t sew, your friends can still use it as a device for venting all their frustrations in life. In these times, a gift like this could come up trumps.

Magic mug

In case it’s alien to you, a magic mug changes color and reveals a surprise image when you pour hot water into it, as the picture above says. For absent-minded folks who keep forgetting that the coffee is still stinging hot, this is the gift to help them avoid getting burned in the morning.

Wordy spoons

Nothing like a spoon to give your friends a taste of something funny, sweet, snarky, or philosophical depending on what type of message you pick. Just make sure it doesn’t leave a bad taste in the mouth.

Giant deck of cards

For friends who love a good card game. Any poker face will surely crack with a gift like this. Let’s see how well they can play their cards close to their chest.

Crocodile or shark slippers

For anyone who’s getting cold feet, literally or otherwise. With slippers like these to devour their feet, dealing with the winter cold will be a cakewalk.

Tardy clock

A great gift for loved ones and friends who are always late. No time like the present to give them something that will remind them, in categorically humorous terms, of the many times they made you wait.

Mildly snappy coasters

For people who love to swear but are careful not to offend anyone’s sensibility. You will also find coasters with stronger content for your more vocal and loosely-tongued friends.

Funny face vases

Here’s something to put a smile on someone’s face. These zany plant vases will surely sow some seeds of joy into your friend’s heart.

Dancing animal speaker

It’s a portable speaker dressed as a stuffed toy. And it’s a dance partner too. Once connected to a smartphone or any audio source, it will wiggle and shake to the beat of the music. Kids and grown-ups alike will get a kick out of these delightful little party animals.

These items are available in online shopping sites such as amazon.com and etsy.com. Happy gift hunting!