Only in Bruges: 3,000 blocks of ice complete with 3D projections

Question: where in Belgium this winter can you encounter a display of 3,000 blocks of ice complete with 3D projections?

It’s certainly a bit different from the traditional Christmas decorations you see up and down the country and can be found at Bruges over the festive period. For the past 25 years the Flemish city has hosted an ice sculpture festival which is always full of colourful and amazing ice sculptures, all made entirely from ice and water.

But this year’s edition is quite different – it has been given a digital makeover.


©Yves Herman


Artists from all over the globe have created a wonderful world of ice in what is described as the first ever “digital ice museum.”

More than 100 video projections light up a panorama of 60 ice sculptures – each at least four metres, or 13 feet, high and weighing a total of 500 tons – for visitors to marvel at. The festival, located directly in front of Bruges central train station (convenient for people travelling from Brussels)  is inspired mostly by Star Wars and Disney classics.


©Yves Herman


This year, the festival will also celebrate the 90th anniversary of  that most iconic of Disney characters, Mickey Mouse. The indoor ice spectacle this year is an ambitious mix of ice projection and music. The sculptures are illuminated with colorful lighting and the whole event is the result of painstaking work by 40 professional ice carvers and video engineers from seven different countries.


©Yves Herman


A show spokesman said, “You will be amazed at what they have achieved with just an ice and water.”

The sculptures are on show in  a huge 1,000 square metre thermal hall, with a controlled temperature of -6 degrees (21F) of Celsius. Because of that, it is recommended to wear warm clothes. Allow between 30 to 45 minutes for a visit. There is also a Christmas market and open air ice rink nearby. Prices are €12 for adults and €10 for children and OAPs. The festival  is open daily from 10am to 7pm and runs until 6 January.


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You can find additional information about tickets for the event on the official website.

Thousands of tourists and visitors attend this marvellous, magical show each year.


©Yves Herman


It may be a pun but it really is super-cool.