Design September

Summer seems long gone: colder days are back, lazy, sunny afternoons in the parks are over, and work is starting again. September has just started, but it is already displaying a number of great events all around Brussels. After the Bxl Beer Fest, the Comic Strip Festival and the Eat! Brussels, drink! Bordeaux, Design September is coming up and is already taking over the city!

The event started on the 7th of September and will end on the 30th. Its aim is presenting the latest trends in the field, offering various points of view and perceptions of what is design and how it can be applied to different aspects of everyday life.

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Brussels has grown a stronger interest and taste in the matter in the last years, becoming an international point of reference for it. In particular, the city reflects the eclectic and constantly-changing character of the festival’s subject: Brussels is influenced every day by people from all over the world and develops itself, its urban conformation and its cultural lifestyle on these many voices. The city, as design itself, is continuously inspired by people, art, needs and aesthetics; they both combine these factors to create a new understanding of life. To underline the connection between the festival and the city, and to highlight their multiform character, Design September will be held in several locations around the city, all famous and loved among the bruxellois, such as Bozar, Recyclart or the Horta house.

Design September is a unique occasion for the design enthusiasts, since it offers more than a hundred events dedicated to the subject with Belgian and international guests. It has organized workshops, exhibitions, shops, conferences, laboratories and awards. Therefore, the experience will give a holistic view of design and its applications to everyday life. In fact, it will not only display the various practical applications of design, but it will also show the different influences, movements and professions connected to the field.

The festival is, of course, focusing mostly on the latest trends and news in the design field, but it will also keep an eye on the past and explore the world of vintage. Vintage in Brussels is pretty appreciated and it is quite present all around the city, through shops or flea markets. The event will emphasize the last-decades’ trends, ideas and inspirations, drawing the attention on the evolution of concepts and on the history of design.

The event offers good food for thought: it makes you appreciate the beauty of design, composition, colors and creativity; it gives you a new perspective on life and on everything around you, from drawings, tattoos and everyday objects to jewelry, art and culture. It is a multifaceted and rich environment that will inspire you and change your day!