Far-right movement Vlaams Belang to conduct March Against Marrakesh despite ban by Brussels Region

The major of the City of Brussels, Philippe Close and Minister-President of the Brussels-Capital Region, Rudi Vervoort have banned the march against Marrakesh this Sunday. Nevertheless, Bart Claes, the president of the far-right movement, Vlaams Belang Jongeren, and at the same time organizer of the march against Marrakesh has announced on social media that he plans to demonstrate on Sunday.

The demonstration has attracted 12,000 people who were ready to join the extreme-right in this movement.

Minister-President of the Brussels-Capital Region, Rudi Vervoort as well as the mayor of the city of Brussels, Philippe Close have released a joint statement stating: Following the Regional Security Council during which the mayor of the City of Brussels announced his intention to ban the event scheduled for Sunday in its territory and on the basis of operational information issued by the police zone Brussels-Capital Ixelles indicating that the event could spread to other areas, the Minister-President of the Brussels-Capital Region will take a decree prohibiting any event on the entire territory of Brussels.

Bart Claes took off to social media to add: We can do something as an organizer of the march against Marrakesh. We are currently thinking about further steps. Even a procedure with the Council of State is on sight. We will not leave it that way. There will be sequels.”

Similarly, press officer of KVHV Antwerp added: We will still protest Sunday against the pact on migration of Marrakesh.” Justifying that they are basing themselves on the right to assemble and the right to freedom of opinion. They stressed on the fact that the goal is a peaceful demonstration without violence or confrontation with the police.


Rudi Vervoort calls it a ‘brown walk’

The Minister-President once again confirmed the ban of the event by stating that the protesters on Sunday will be in a breach.

Rudi Vervoort further justified the ban after the fears expressed by the city of Brussels. As information has been circulating on social media regarding the intent of some hooligans to cause trouble, Rudi responded: I understand that Theo Francken and the N-VA distanced themselves. If that is so, I think the term ‘brown march’ makes sense.”