400 years of Manneken-Pis

The original statue of Manneken-Pis is 400 years old. From 16 October 2019 to 15 May 2020, the City of Brussels is celebrating this anniversary with a program that highlights the history of the fountain.

In the 15th century, Manneken-Pis already played an essential role in the drinking water supply in Brussels. In 1619, the authorities in Brussels ordered a new version of the statue from the sculptor Hieronymus Duquesnoy for the renovation of the fountain: the column, the basin and the statue were then replaced.

This 400th anniversary of Manneken-Pis is celebrated with several events:


manneken piss


Manneken-Pis treasure hunt at Winter Wonders

From 29 November 2019 to 5 January 2020, visitors of the Winter Wonders (and Christmas market) can look for Manneken-Pis. A large treasure hunt is being organized at the trail of the Christmas event in Brussels. A geolocalisation app takes players of all ages on a treasure hunt and offers the chance to win a prize in the shape of Manneken-Pis, this year’s guest of honour at Winter Wonders.


Manneken-Pis at the City Museum

Visit the Brussels City Museum and explore its room dedicated to the famous fountain and its history:

  • Manneken-Pis Room
    Brussels City Museum
    From Tuesday to Sunday from 10h to 17h

The entrance ticket for the Museum also gives access to the GardeRobe MannekenPis.


Pop-up display at the GardeRobe MannekenPis

From 16 October 2019 to 31 May 2020, a pop-up display at the GardeRobe MannekenPis highlights the history of the costumes of Manneken-Pis and the dressing of the statue.

  • GardeRobe MannekenPis
    Rue du Chêne 19
    1000 Brussels
    From Tuesday to Sunday from 10h to 17h


Design a costume for the 400th anniversary of the Manneken-Pis

To celebrate his 400th birthday, the museums are inviting young Brussels citizens to create a new outfit for Manneken-Pis. Every primary school in the City of Brussels can submit a drawing or prototype. A jury will select an entry, which will be produced either by the winning class or by the statue’s official dresser. Tagged as the 400th anniversary outfit, the design will be added to the GardeRobe’s collection, following an official presentation ceremony at the City Hall on 7 May 2020. An exhibition will also present all of the schools’ entries.


Souvenir coin

The Royal Mint of Belgium and the Royal Dutch Mint are officially producing the new Belgian 2.50 euro coin marked ‘400 years of Manneken Pis’. This coin, specially struck to honour Manneken-Pis, is packaged in a colourful coincard and is legal tender in Belgium. The coin is available at: