5 reasons to go shopping in Antwerp

Shopping in Antwerp is a real experience that fits in perfectly with Antwerp’s status as a fashion capital. Whatever your personal style is, in Antwerp, you will find elegant pieces from large fashion houses, trendy boutiques, small and independent shops and cutting-edge concept stores.

You find all of this within walking distance in a city that is at the same time hip and historical, cool and classic, trendy and traditional. In addition, you can naturally enjoy the numerous restaurants, cafes, museums, tourist sights and hidden spots. However, what if you are not so familiar with Antwerp?

Why should you then choose for a shopping trip in Antwerp?


1. Wearable and affordable

Paulien Riemis is the face behind POLIENNE, a personal style journal with a focus on everyday outfits, interior inspiration and travel stories. Paulien lives in the heart of Antwerp for many years now and likes shopping for things wearable and affordable. She describes her style as comfortable, feminine and a touch of tomboy.
Shopping for her outfits? She shares her favourite addresses in Antwerp!

2. Vintage shops and underdogs

Monica Ho is the blogger behind Monica Harmony. Monica has a big love for fashion, but chiefly for Belgian designers, vintage and underdogs. She gets her inspiration from street style. In addition to the established Belgian designers, you also find in Antwerp shops selling unique collections, shops of young designers, concept stores and vintage stores.
Tips from an insider, don’t miss it.

3. Ten hot spots of Lars Tibben

Lars Tibben is the owner of The Urbanites, an on-line platform about fashion, hot spots and travel. He is a city tripper to the core. This time he travelled to Antwerp and gladly shares his favourite hot spots. It is a mixture of hip eatery joints and cool shops. Lars tries to avoid the main street in cities and only dives into the side streets.

4. 100% Belgian

What began in the 1980’s with the Antwerp Six is now grown into a very impressive, significant fashion capital. A number of Belgian designers who enjoy international fame are established in Antwerp. Antwerp has a choice of various districts that one by one are not only characteristic, but also here and there are stashed away hidden pearls, all of which you can reach on foot.

5. Book your agenda

From Monday 30 April until 6 May, you can shop designer pieces at low prices during the semi-annual inventory sales. You can find all names and locations here. True fashion fanatics book their agendas for 1 and 2 June. The annual year-end fashion show of the Fashion Academy takes place then. Spot the talent of today and the stars of tomorrow.
Ticket sales begin at the end of April.

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