Belgium wants to end short distance flights for environmental reasons

The Second Chamber of the Dutch Parliament have expressed their willingness to end the short-distance flights that link Amsterdam and Brussels. The reason being that the train ride is nearly as fast and also less harmful to the environment.

Now, the Flemish Christian Democrats (CD&V) and Groen have introduced a new resolution in Parliament: They want to replace short-distance flights by train trips as much as possible for environmental reasons.

The Amsterdam-Brussels connection offers several flight times a day.

Steefan Van Hecke from Groen and Vincent Van Peteghem have pointed out the fact that travelers do not currently pay any tax on kerosene or VAT on airline tickets. Meanwhile, traveling by train is taxed more.


From: Soumyadip Sarkar – Unsplash


The proposal was well received, as numerous voices supported it. However, in order for change to take place, authorities from rail and air-transportation need to develop a common vision on how to improve high-speed rail links between cities.

Belgium has already introduced a proposal to impose tax on commercial aviation. Whether short-distance flights will be replaced, the decision remains unclear.